08:00 Ron Kohler opened the meeting
Attending: Ron Kohler, John Bedford, John Russo and Dewey Reed

  1. Conducted the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Read minutes from 2014 & 2015.
    1. Moved and approved after reading.
  3. Treasurers report:
    1. John reported that as of June 2016 we had $32,862.01. There was a motion to approve and passed it as read.
  4. Old Business.
    1. None
  5. New Business.
    1. Election of Officers:
      1. A replacement is needed for Director Don Richardson. John Russo volunteered.
      2. The Vice President’s position was left open.
      3. The Secretary, Treasurer and President positions remain the same.
      4. All above officer positions were moved and approved.
    2. The desire for additional reunions (other than the presently scheduled reunions held with the Brooke) was suggested. After much discussion it was moved and approved that we advertise the additional reunion concept in the Ping Jockey.
    3. We discussed the possible improvements needed in the Web Site. John Bedford presented a documented plan that he has been working on with the Web Master. After much discussion, it was moved and approved for John to pursue this proposal.
    4. The discussion about continuing the Trial Membership program. It was moved and approved that we discontinue the Trial Memberships. Ending the Trial Membership program would take effect as soon as the new Web Site is finalized and approved.
    5. We discussed continuing the Life Memberships. It was moved and approved not to offer Life Memberships. As we have Life Members, it was decided to grandfather those members.
      1. It was suggested that we should give the spouses of Life Members who have passed the option to continue receiving the Ping Jockey. These individuals will be classified as Associate Members that do not have to pay any additional dues. Dewey was given the task to call Diane Valentine to discuss continued receipt of the Ping-Jockey.
    6. We discussed the definition of “Delinquent” memberships. After much discussion it was moved and approved that a failure to bring dues current after one year would be considered delinquent, causing that membership to end.
  6. Memorial ceremony.
    1. John Bedford noted that from 2014 to present, 21 members had passed. After each name was read, the bell was tolled for the total.
  7. Being no further business, the meeting was closed at 09:05.


National Sonar Association Meeting Minutes 9/5/2014
(Minutes recorded and submitted by Margy Hill for Secretary Dewey Reed.)

Attendees of the 2014 General Meeting: Steve Hunt, Don Richardson, John Russo, Ron Kohler,C.P. Green, Pete Hill, J. Hamling

  1. The meeting was called to order at 8:01 AM by the president, Ron Kohler.
  2. Ron read a letter from John Bedford, Treasurer.
  3. Minutes from last year’s General Meeting were not available for reading.
  4. The treasurer’s report stated $30,196.64 in assets. Steve Hunt, who has been the Ping Jockey editor, commented that in the 4 years he's done the newsletter, the money for membership has continued to come.
  5. Old Business. There was no old business.
  6. New Business
    1. By-Laws
      1. As the original NSA bylaws could not be located, Ron Kohler has written and is proposing a new four page set of by-laws for discussion and possible adoption. Ron has presented copies to each attending member upon their arrival at the reunion.
      2. There was a brief discussion among the attendees about the attendance of officers at the annual meeting.
      3. Pete Hill read a proposal he has for an addition to the mission of NSA. The proposal relates to the study of the effects of sonar on whales and porpoises. There was a brief discussion. Ron suggested Pete write an article for the Ping Jockey.
    2. Steve Hunt announced that he is planning to step aside as NSA Ping Jockey editor. A discussion ensued as the future of the Ping Jockey..
    3. Discussion of trial membership - change the length from six months? No conclusion.
    4. Lifetime membership was changed to mean for the rest of the member's life. A member who has paid for 25 years will be extended a lifetime membership. Voted and passed.
    5. Discussion of Article IV: Duties of Officers
    6. Don Richardson questioned the wording in Section C: Secretary, Item 3, and proposed changing “Assist in maintaining …..” to “Assist the Treasurer in maintaining the current roster of membership.” For Section D: Treasurer, remove the word “Assist” in Item 3 and replace with “Maintain a current roster of membership”.
    7. Section E: Advisors. Don Richardson proposed changing the word Advisors to Directors.
  7. There was a discussion of meetings. Ron proposed that NSA maintain association with the Brooke for the next 2 years for the annual meeting. Steve agreed. Steve will make name tags and help with other things.
  8. Don proposed an article for the web site:
  9. It was decided to send a commendation to John Bedford, the treasurer.
  10. The procedure for changing the password on the website needs to be checked. Several members have had problems.
  11. Don wants the Directors to do personal phone calls to members to up the attendance at the annual meeting.
  12. Officers confirmed for the year 2015: Ron Kohler, President, John Bedford, Treasurer Dewey Reed, Secretary
  13. Directors confirmed for the year 2015: Dexter Saito, Don Richardson (New), Pete Hill (New)
  14. Don proposed that a member be present at the meeting when they are elected to an office.
  15. The board is seeking a new editor for the Ping Jockey.
  16. The new By-Laws were voted on and adopted with the changes made during the meeting.
  17. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:55 AM

There was a brief memorial service held at the closing of the meeting to honor the following departed Officers and Sonarmen:

  • Francis Gannon
  • Jack Green
  • George Quinata
  • Jim Perrier


Minutes of the Annual NSA | 10/28/2013

  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Director Dexter Saito
  2. Attendees: Dexter Saito, Don Richardson, Ron Kohler,Dewey Reed, Don Bassler, Bob Orta, Dave Burris, Peter Hill and Steve Hunt.
  3. We had no agenda. However, we covered topics as listed below:
    1. We discussed the status of officers noting that John Bedford, Steve Hunt and Dexter Saito are still doing a great job for the organization. After much discussion Ron Kohler volunteered to be the President. We moved, seconded and unanimously approved Ron as our new President. Steve Hunt volunteered to contact all of the listed officers and determine their willingness to continue.
    2. We thanked the USS Brooke membership and officer for continuing to include the NSA in their annual reunion. They have decided that the next reunion will be in Branson in September of 2014 and a cruise is being considered for 2015.
    3. After noting our low attendance, we discussed ways to convince others to attend. No formal plan was determined.
    4. It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to close the meeting at 11:00.

Submitted by Dwayne (Dewey) Reed