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Posted: 2010-11-01 16:30:33

Posted By: Warren Frederick

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG1

Currently Located In: Pasadena, MD

Originally From: Plymouth Meeting, PA

What I've Been Up To: Enjoying retirement

USS Barbey FF10888
USS McCandless FF1084

Posted: 2010-10-13 01:23:23

Posted By: John Bedford

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & ST1

Currently Located In: Pittsburg, CA

Originally From: Pomona

What I've Been Up To: In San Diego, many sonar friends surprised me with a couple of unexpected awards for my efforts in our association. I am very happy and thrilled to receive their commendations.
Sonar guys.. It's time to get our association back on track.. Please contact our leaders and let them know how you can help to keep this association alive and prosperous.

Duty Stations: Member of NSA since the beginning. Looking forward to some newbies taking on he duties of a future sonar association

Posted: 2010-10-12 09:58:31

Posted By: Howard Tilton

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO2

Currently Located In: Venice FL

Originally From: Bradford, New Hampshire

What I've Been Up To: Retired Engineer. Playing as much golf as I can, (Still not very good)
Working part time at a golf course for "free golf"

Duty Stations: NTC Bainbridge, Co 352, 14th Batt. 1st Reg. 11/53 - 2/54.
FSS Key West FL 1954
NAVFAC Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico 54-56
USS Hickox, DD673 56-57

Posted: 2010-09-26 17:17:47

Posted By: Gene M. Bonas

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SOS2(SS)

Currently Located In: Bakersfield, CA

Originally From: Bakersfield, CA

What I've Been Up To: I have begun my eighth year of retirement from education. When I first retired, I went to a part-time job with University of Laverne as a student teacher supervisor. I then supervised student teachers through the auspices of California State University Bakersfield for four years. While working part-time for CSUB, I went to work for National University supervising student teachers. I was asked to take over the student teacher program as Lead Supervisor of Student Teachers and Interns. I also advised and worked with teachers seeking an administrative services credential. Along the way I became a consultant for Dataworks Educational Research, a company that advises district, school administrators and site teachers on how to teach metacognitively. The company has experienced great success with schools in raising test scores because teachers and administrators know what should be contained in a well crafted lesson that engages all students. I now only consult for Dataworks as it's too much fun to retire entirely. Plus, it gets me out of a lotta housework!

Duty Stations: Joined the Navy in 1958. Went through "boot camp" in San Diego and, upon completion, was assigned Sonar School. My first ship was the USS McDermut DD677 in 1959. Since the "Mighty D" had just returned from a West Pac cruise and was not due to return for another year, I volunteered for Submarine School. I graduated from sub school in 1960 and was assigned to the Blue Crew of the USS Patrick Henry SSB(N)599. I made the first four Blue Crew patrols on her. Our first patrol set a submergence record of 66 days, 22 hours. I shipped over for two years and new construction in Groton, Connecticut at Electric Boat. I was the seventh person to report aboard the USS Nathan Hale SSB(N)623 and made the first Blue Crew patrol on her. At the end of my two year extension, I was separated in Charleston, South Carolina and enrolled at Bakersfield College. I transfered to Fresno State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Single Subject Reading Credential in 1970. I then began a 33 year career in education. In 1978 I received a Master of Arts Degree from California State University Bakersfield along with a Reading Specialist Credential and an Administrative Services Credential. During my educational career, I taught jr. high reading for seven years, became an intermediate site resource teacher for one year and a primary project manager for one year. My first principalship followed for the next five years. I went to the Kern County superintendent of schools office in 1979 as a staff development coordinator for six years. Then, I went to Arvin Elementary School District as Director of Curriculum for one year, followed by two years as superintendent/principal of Kit Carson School District where we were the only school in Kings County to win the California Distinguish Schools award. Two years later I was principal of Jefferson School in the Lindsay Unified School District followed by principalships in the Bakersfield City School District for eight years. I retired in 2003 after serving the needs of Hort School students for seven years.

Posted: 2010-08-06 22:38:30

Posted By: Matt Lindsey

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STSCS(SS)

Currently Located In: Groton, CT

Originally From: Phelan, CA

What I've Been Up To: I'm the Sonar Chief onboard USS PROVIDENCE SSN-719

Duty Stations: NAVSUBSCOL "A" school

Posted: 2010-08-04 19:49:07

Posted By: JOHN J. RUSSO

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STGCS

Currently Located In: MIAMI LAKES, FLORIDA

Originally From: LANSDALE, PA



Posted: 2010-08-01 19:35:39

Posted By: Bill Brownson

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SOG3

Currently Located In: Plano TX

Originally From: Went active duty from the Reserves in Rochester NY in 54

What I've Been Up To: Retired from Collins Radio/Rockwell INT/Alacatel NWS Got my job from what I learned at FSS Key West

Duty Stations: Went active 55 to Brooklyn Receiving Center.
FSS Key West Platoon 6A 9-54 to 4-55
USS C.P. Cecil DDR 835 4-55 to 8-56

Posted: 2010-07-18 08:32:00

Posted By: Bill Bradley

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG2

Currently Located In: Barbados

Originally From: Wilmington, Delware

What I've Been Up To: Retired after nearly 30 years of service with the US Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. Trying to locate guys who served with me at Navfac Barbados for the reunion planned in Barbados in June of 2011.

Duty Stations: Great Lakes Basic training and Be&E school: 1967
Fleet Sonar School and Oceanographics: 1967-68
Navfac Grand Turk: 1968-1969
Navfac Barbados: 1969-1971

Posted: 2010-07-07 12:24:00

Posted By: Mike George

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG3

Currently Located In: Lake Charles, LA.

Originally From: San Diego, CA.

What I've Been Up To: I am currently volunteering to restore the USS Orleck (DD-886) and the ASW Area and CIC are my spaces. I have an AN / SQS-23K and am looking for any information and maybe photos of a Gearing class Sonar Room so I can accurately recreate it.

Duty Stations: USS Cushing (DD-985)

Posted: 2010-06-29 15:48:13

Posted By: Don Richardson

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STCS - LCDR

Currently Located In: Southington CT

Originally From: Auburn, Maine

What I've Been Up To: Fully retired. Now a resident of The Republic of Panama. Have a home there and spend all the time in PTY I can.
Attending the reunion in Dan Diego Oct 14-17, ARE YOU?

Duty Stations: Retired in 81. Stations prev listed

Charter Member of the NSA

Posted: 2010-06-04 16:04:01

Posted By: Harvey Giese

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STCS

Currently Located In: Menomonee Falls, WI

Originally From: Milw. WI

What I've Been Up To: After 65 yrs of working I'm now retired fully, and still w/my 1st wife of 55yrs.
Left full time as a pastor of a Vineyard Xian Church for 16yrs, before that 20yrs a senior pastor at another church.
All 5 of our child. are married. Sold our house and now reside in a condo (love it). retired from the navy on 12/5/1968

Duty Stations: USS Sample (1968), Seattle, Long Island N.Y.,San Dieago, USS Gregory, NPT(Instructor), Gitmo Bay Cuba, USS Compton(DD705), FSS Inst. Key West, USS Ware (DD865), FSS Key West(1949) GRTLKS BOOT 1948.

Posted: 2010-05-28 00:47:30

Posted By: H George Polinkas

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN &

Currently Located In: Melbourne, FL

Originally From: Chester,New Jersey

What I've Been Up To: 4 Week cruise Ft Lauderdale, FL to San Diego and return. Volunteer at church in Sound Tech,video & lighting entertainment sound is fun! Try it

Duty Stations:

Posted: 2010-04-25 21:49:22

Posted By: Francis Young

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN &

Currently Located In: Angel fire, New mexico

Originally From: Philadelphia, PA

What I've Been Up To: Retired & enjoying life
Skiing Hunting Golfing Fishing Hiking

Duty Stations: Willis L Lee DL4

Posted: 2010-04-11 14:28:56

Posted By: Edward Pinhey

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO2

Currently Located In: Three Rivers, California

Originally From: California

What I've Been Up To: Retired

Duty Stations: Fleet Sonar School, San Diego
USS Strickland DER 333
USS James E. Kyes DD787
USS Maddox DD 731

Posted: 2010-03-24 00:18:07

Posted By: Richard E. Bridges,

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: Other & LSSN

Currently Located In: Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Originally From: Port Hope,

What I've Been Up To: Drinking Beer.

Duty Stations: HMCS York, Toronto, Ontario,
HMCS Loon, HMCS Kootney, HMCS Ottawa,
In Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Posted: 2010-03-11 09:09:31

Posted By: Greg Algorri

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG1 (SW)

Currently Located In: Virginia

Originally From: Orlando, FL

What I've Been Up To:

Duty Stations: USS Dale CG-19
USS R.G. Bradley FFG-49

Posted: 2010-03-06 21:10:08

Posted By: Thadd Bowden

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USCG & ST3

Currently Located In: Grand Haven, MI

Originally From: Chicago IL

What I've Been Up To: Business Owner

Duty Stations: USCGC Mellon and USCGC Boutwell

Posted: 2010-03-02 19:56:48

Posted By: cheryl jackson

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & otac

Currently Located In: texas

Originally From: texas

What I've Been Up To:

Duty Stations: Navfac Iceland
Navfac Argentia, Newfoundland Canada
USS Cape Cod
MIUWU108 Corpus Christi

Posted: 2010-02-21 19:51:54

Posted By: Darrell J. Thomas

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & stg3

Currently Located In: Kasota,MN

Originally From: Mankato ,mn

What I've Been Up To: recently retired from CHS 1971 - 2009

Duty Stations: Basic -San Diego
ASW - San Diego
USS Fechteler DD870 1966 - 1969

Posted: 2010-02-17 20:07:06

Posted By: Allen Meece

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG3

Currently Located In: Key West

Originally From: Somerset KY

What I've Been Up To: Writing a novel about destroyers in Nam called "The Abel Mutiny" see it at

also into airship research at

Duty Stations: DD507 1962 and DD950 1966

Posted: 2010-02-08 18:27:50

Posted By: Stephen Miller

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG3

Currently Located In: Taylorville Illinois

Originally From: Loami,Illinois

What I've Been Up To: trying to just make it..

Duty Stations: ASW Point Loma ,San Diego USS Biddle DLG 34 69-72

Posted: 2010-01-15 19:45:40

Posted By: Charles Thomason

Poster Email: 30 tudor@comcast,net

Service & Rank: USN & STG2

Currently Located In: Aurora, Colorado

Originally From: Des Moines, Ia

What I've Been Up To: Retired from AT&T, building and driving Model A Fords.

Duty Stations: Uss Gyatt DD712 66-69