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Posted: 2018-12-01 15:10:52

Posted By: Richard L. Herr

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: Navy & STG 2

Currently Located In: Ocala. FL

Originally From: Buffalo,NY

What I've Been Up To: RetiredC

Duty Stations: USS Gherardi DMS-30 USNRTC, Buffalo, NY

Posted: 2018-11-23 18:44:52

Posted By: Tom Record

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN, USNR & STG1

Currently Located In: Bristol, VT

Originally From: Berkshire, VT

What I've Been Up To: Joined the Navy in 1975 after high school. Did 6 years active duty. Started working for an Aerospace company in Sep 1981 and retired in Dec 2017. Joined USNR in Feb 1984 and retired w/o pay May 1998. Transferred to Retired with pay in Dec 2017. Avid Genealogist. Love to travel with wife. Have 3 grandchildren.

Duty Stations: Boot Camp, Great Lakes Jul 75-Oct 75 FLEASWTRACENPAC, ST A School, Nov 75-Mar 76 USS Vogelgesang (DD-862) Mar 76- May 77 FLEASWTRACENPAC, BE&E School, Sonar A2 School, AN/SQS-23D-G TRAM/MIP/LORA C School Jun 77- Mar 78 USS John King (DDG-3) Apr 78-Mar 80 USS Sunbird (ASR-15) Apr 80-Jul 81 Naval Reserve Center, Burlington, VT Feb 84-Dec 95 MIUWU 0202, Portsmouth, NH/Newport, RI Jan 96-Dec 97 Naval Reserve Center, White River Jct, VT Dec 97-May 98

Posted: 2018-10-15 13:49:30

Posted By: Paul T. Grater

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN '62-'66 & STG2

Currently Located In: Pittsburgh, PA

Originally From: Pittsburgh, PA

What I've Been Up To: Enlisted upon H.S. graduation. After separation in '66 went to school for a liberal arts degree. Worked a few years in industrial engineering field, then went on to law school @ UPitt. Practiced law for 37 years as a trial lawyer, until retirement in late 2014. Still hold an active license, but avoiding courthouses these days.

Duty Stations: '62 - Great Lakes Boot; '62-'63 - FSS KWest; '63 - USS Cogswell DD651: - 1 Westpac tour '64 - "C" School San Diego, AN/SQS-23 Sonar; '64-'66 USS Dennis J. Buckley DD808 - 1 Westpac tour / Vietnam

Posted: 2018-04-22 09:15:31

Posted By: Brian D. Basham

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: U.S. Navy & STG1

Currently Located In: Norman, Oklahoma

Originally From: Norman

What I've Been Up To: Well, to begin with, I should have stayed in the Navy and retired. But, I got out after a 6 year obligation in 1982 and have had too many jobs since. Presently I am looking for a job at age 62.

Duty Stations: Orlando, Fl., Boot Camp; San Diego, Ca., ASW school; Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hi., USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22; San Diego, Ca., USS Decatur DDG-31; (Spent a year plus in Bremerton, Wa. at Puget Sound Naval Ship during the overhaul of the Decatur)

Posted: 2018-04-18 11:28:42

Posted By: Dennis Reid

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG1 (sw)

Currently Located In: Michigan

Originally From: Columbus Ohio

What I've Been Up To: Failing health but still breathing. After retirement i went back to school and got an Associates of Applied Science degree.

Duty Stations: Fleaswtracenpac X 2, Hawaii, Philippines, San diego Maine, Virginia, San diego

Posted: 2018-01-19 10:59:45

Posted By: Jim Geuin

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STSCS(SS)

Currently Located In: Tallahassee, Florida

Originally From: Denver, Colorado

What I've Been Up To: Retired from the USN in 1979, Johnson Controls in 1989 and the State of Florida (FDLE) in 2011. Currently coordinator for the Big Bend Honor Guard, providing military honors for deceased Veterans in the Tallahassee area. Comptroller for the Knights of Columbus Assembly and District 2 Adjutant for the American Legion.

Duty Stations: '57 RTC San Diego, '58 Sonar A in San Diego, '58 - '60 USS Wiseman DE667, '60 Naval Sub School, New London, '61 USS Tunny SSG282, '63 - '66 Instructor, Key West, '66 USS Swordfish SSN579, '67 USS Barbel SS580, '69 Precom USS Guitarro SSN 665, '69 USS Guardfish SSN612, '71 - '75 NSTCP Groom and Cal team, '76 USS Archerfish SSN 678, '77 - 79 USS Cincinnati SSN 693. Retired May '79