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Posted: 2011-09-20 00:28:50

Posted By: Dennis Welch

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG2

Currently Located In: Bend, OR

Originally From: West Covina, CA
Hemet, CA

What I've Been Up To: Been working in computer field since getting out of Navy in 1989. Co-Founded a motorcycle parts biz called in 2001. Currently doing Apple Tech Support.

Duty Stations: USS Wainwright, CG-28 Jan. 1985 - June 1989
Lofar Gram Analyst
Boot camp, A-School and C-School in San Diego, FLEASWTRACENPAC 1983-1985

Posted: 2011-09-18 15:04:26

Posted By: Del Owen

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO2

Currently Located In: McCormick, SC

Originally From: Tennessee

What I've Been Up To: Retired for the past 17 years from DuPont where I worked 32 years after graduating from Tennessee Tech with a BSEE following my release from active duty in USN in 1958. Also served 90 days at Navy Reserve Center, Knoxville, TN in 1960

Duty Stations: USN Recruit Training, San Diego 1954
Fleet Sonar School San Diego 54-55
USS Ulvert M. Moore DE 442 54-57
Fleet Sonar School, San Diego 57-58
Navy Reserve Ctr. Knoxville, TN 60

Posted: 2011-08-03 08:46:14


Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STGCS USN Retired

Currently Located In: MIAMI LAKES, FL

Originally From: LANSDALE, PA

What I've Been Up To: Just retired again on 31 July 2011. Looking back 53 years, I was able to be involved in working all the sonar systems from the QHB-A through the AN/SQQ-89 series system. I enjoyed most of the jobs but working the last 18 years in new class ships' survivability program and riding the ships during at-sea shock trials will be hard to forget.

Now, I might lay on the beach, play a round of golf a few days a week or go fishing. If I get bored again, a part-time job will take care of that.

Duty Stations: previously listed

Posted: 2011-07-20 19:19:28

Posted By: R.G. Floyd

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO1 and LtCdr

Currently Located In:

Originally From:

What I've Been Up To:

Duty Stations: USS Knapp DD 653
USS Olney PC1172

Posted: 2011-04-04 02:08:59

Posted By: Van E Moore

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STG1

Currently Located In: Gibsonville, NC

Originally From: Hobbs, NM

What I've Been Up To: Retired USN 1983, went to work Clarke Equipement Co for 7yrs, then General Electric Aircraft Engines, after 20 yrs retired again. Now I stay home and rebuild British sports cars, currently rebuilding a 1972 MGB Tourer. I have days I enjoy watching the grass grow or driving thru the mountains of western NC

Duty Stations: USS Sperry AS12,USS Dynamic MSO32,USS Hepburn FF1055, USS Valdez FF1096, USS Alywin FF 1081

Posted: 2011-02-28 00:02:01

Posted By: John Bedford

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & ST1

Currently Located In: Pittsburg, CA

Originally From: Pittsburg

What I've Been Up To: Listen up. The Ping Jockey is back in business. Steve Hunt is at the helm and is taking care of the 2011 reunion in Norfolk.

Duty Stations:

Posted: 2011-02-01 18:26:31

Posted By: karl waterman

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STS1 (ss)

Currently Located In: Louisiana/Nevada/So. Calif.

Originally From: Anaheim, California

What I've Been Up To:

Duty Stations:

Posted: 2011-01-01 14:31:17

Posted By: Joe Macdonald

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STS2(SS)

Currently Located In: Huntington, Utah

Originally From: Salt Lake City, Utah

What I've Been Up To: USN 1958-1964
Truck Driver
Coal Miner (ret 2004)
Truck Driver

Duty Stations: Boot Camp San Diego
Fleet Sonar School San Diego
Submarine School New London Conn.
USS Ronquil SS396 1960-1963
Submarine Sonar Analysis School
USS James Madison SSBN 627 Newport News Va. (New Construction)