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Posted: 2013-12-09 08:09:49

Posted By: H> George Polinkas

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: 1946-1965 & STCM

Currently Located In: Vero Beach, FL

Originally From:

What I've Been Up To: Just moved to a retirement community "Indian River Estates" Am not about to move out of Fla. Golf game as bad as it ever was, (that was bad) The pro said when you score over a hundred, move up a set of tee markers, There ain't any markers in front of where I am!!!! But the green side of the grass still looks good.

Duty Stations:

Posted: 2013-12-05 12:00:05

Posted By: Joel Braun, STGCM (SW), USN, Ret.

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: U.S. NAVY & STGCM (SW)

Currently Located In: Self-Employed

Originally From: Pleasant Hill, Missouri

What I've Been Up To: Retired from the Navy in 2000, worked at TSA in San Diego for 5 years, worked as a Telecommuter w/ Navy Federal Credit Union, and as a Consultant currently.


Posted: 2013-10-23 09:30:14

Posted By: JOHN J. RUSSO

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: US NAVY & SCPO(E-8)

Currently Located In: WASHINGTON, DC

Originally From: Lansdale, PA

What I've Been Up To: I moved from Plantation, FL to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC after retiring for good in 2012. My health is excellent so I spend most of my time helping other residents (all retired military) such as teaching basic & advanced computer skills, bowling, gardening, golf, card games etc. I can go and come as I please since I live here as a independent resident. I'm updating this input in Fort Lauderdale, FL where I decided to go on a two week vacation.

Duty Stations: Previous submitted

Posted: 2013-10-16 13:12:49

Posted By: James Culverhouse

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: US Navy & STG 2

Currently Located In: 860 N Main St.Chelsea, MI

Originally From: Wayne, MI

What I've Been Up To: Retired from the US Postal Service in March, 2012. Been a member of National Sonar Association since 2002 and am a life member. I enjoy riding motorcycles and traveling. Although I missed this years reunion in Portland, I will be at the next one.

Duty Stations: USS Halsey, DLG23 USS Somers, DD947 USS Frank E Evans, DD754

Posted: 2013-07-11 09:13:54

Posted By: Kent S. (Steve) Castle STGCM (SW) Ret.

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & STGCM (SW)

Currently Located In: Covina, CA

Originally From: Eureka, CA

What I've Been Up To: After I retired in 1990, I went to San Diego State University, received my BS degree in nursing and have been working as a registered nurse up till February 2013 when I hung up my stethoscope and retired at age 70

Duty Stations: USS O'Bannon DD 450 FTG Gitmo FLTASWSCOL, San Diego JUSMAGTHAI, Bangkok, Thailand USS Cook FF 1083 USS Fanning FF 1076 Recruit Training Center, San Diego, Saudi Arabian Detatchment MOTU 5, San Diego USS Orien AS 12, CAAC Director, La Maddalena, Italy Substance Abuse Treatment Center, NCOIC Treatment Unit 4, NAS Miramar, San Diego Retired, 01/17/1990

Posted: 2013-03-29 16:37:51

Posted By: John Bedford

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: & ST1 at discharge

Currently Located In: Pittsburg, CA

Originally From: Pomona, CA

What I've Been Up To: Still working

Duty Stations: entered earlier

Posted: 2013-02-24 06:31:47

Posted By: Howard Tilton

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO2

Currently Located In: Venice FL.

Originally From: Bradford NH

What I've Been Up To: Just looking for some "Ping-Jocky's" from the 1953 to 1957 era.

Duty Stations: USNTC Bainbridge Md. 11/53 - 3/54 Fleet Sonar School Key West 3/54 - 9/54 NAVFAC Ramey AFB 9/54 - 6/56 USS Hickox DD 673 6/56 - 10/57

Posted: 2013-02-15 06:42:33

Posted By: Howard Tilton

Poster Email:

Service & Rank: USN & SO2

Currently Located In: Venice, Florida

Originally From: Bradford, New Hampshire

What I've Been Up To: Just checking in....where is everybody?? We need more activity

Duty Stations: USNTC Bainbridge..10/53-2/54 Fleet Sonar School 2/54-9/54 NAVFAC Ramey AFB Puerto Rico 9/54- 6/56 USS Hickox DD673 6/56- 10/57